Lini seri jam tangan casio g-shock berdasarkan kode jam

  • AW = Analog water resist.
    ex : AW-5xx
  • AWG – Analog Waveceptor
    ex :
  • DW – a historical designation that indicates a digital watch with high water resistance, but without any solar recharging/atomic sync functionality.
    ex : DW-00xDW-0xx,etc
  • – this single letter is commonly used to imply just “basic G-Shock” (e.g. G-7900, G-8900), but it is sometimes used to indicate solar recharging without “Waveceptor” atomic sync (e.g. G-6900 vs. GW-6900, G-5600 vs. GW-5600, G-2310 vs. GW-2310).
  • GW – the watch is usually equipped with atomic sync functionality called “Waveceptor” (and always includes solar recharging). Only exception noted is the GW-2xx Frogman series which is solar but without Waveceptor.
    ex : GW-0xx,GW-1xxx,etc
  • GA – large format G-Shock with analog display and sometimes digital as well.
    ex : GA-3xx,GA-xxx
  • GAC – large format G-Shock chronograph with analog display and multiple sub dials.
  • GD – large format G-Shock with all digital display.
    ex : GD-1xx,GD-2xx,etc
  • GD-X – new larger format, the first of which has enlarged the 6900.
  • GDF – twin sensor G-Shock, featuring altimeter, barometer, and thermometer. “F” may mean “field”, implying outdoor use.
    ex : GDF-1xx
  • GL – means the “G-Lide” series, targeted to surfers and snowboarders. Most incarnations have moon phase and tide graph.
  • GLS – a version of G-lide with special cosmetic variations (leather bands, special dial treatment, etc).
    ex : GLS-8900
  • GLX – an expansion to the G-Lide series.
    ex : GLX-5600
  • GRX – “Ride Extreme” series (solar recharging equipped).
    ex : GRX-5xxx
  • GS – the GIEZ series, which is like an analog metal MTG but with screwback case; “essence of G” (with Waveceptor).
    ex : GIEZ
  • GW-A – the all analog aviator series. This is the newer designation, as previous aviators appeared as GW-2500, GW-3000, GW-3500, and GW-4000. The GW-2500 and GW-3500 are analog-digital models. Most have Waveceptor.
    ex : GW-Axxxx
  • GX – The first “extreme” sized models, like the GX-56 affectionately dubbed the “King” by CASIO enthusiasts.
    ex : GX-56xx
  • GXW – The same as GX with atomic sync functionality included.
    ex : GXW-56xx
  • MTG – The “metal twisted” line, which involves the use of much metal around the casing and a metal bracelet.
    ex : MTG
  • MRG – The “Mr. G” top of the line models, usually with analog-digital displays and made of titanium. There was series of vintage models that were all digital.
    ex : MRG
  • Antman – the first atomic sync G-Shock.
    ex : ANTMAN
  • Fisherman – first model to provide moon phase, tide graph, sunrise/sunset, and moonrise/moonset data.
    ex : FISHERMAN
  • Gaussman – first to provide significant magnetic resistance.
    ex : GAUSSMAN
  • Gulfman – equipped with a titanium back plate for frequent water exposure; most come with moon phase and tide graph.
    ex : GULFMAN
  • Lungman – first to provide pulse sensing, along with temperature.
    ex : LUNGMAN
  • Mudman – outfitted with a single piece bezel that covers the buttons, for maximum mud resistance. Later model comes equipped with thermometer, moon phase, and compass.
    ex : MUDMAN
  • Riseman – equipped with altimeter, barometer, and thermometer, to support elevated “rising” activities.
    ex : RISEMAN
  • Rangeman – latest Master of G model that comes fully equipped with altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass.
    ex : RANGEMAN
  • Frogman – designed for SCUBA diving activities, despite the lack of a depth indicator, with either stainless steel or all titanium case.
    ex : FROGMAN
  • Raysman – first model with solar recharging, also equipped with yacht timing functionality.
    ex : RAYSMAN
  • Wademan – first model with electronic compass.
    ex : WADEMAN

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